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To educate the upcoming brides and the grooms about their new roles and responsibilities in life, the SNDP Yogam, Cambridge, conducts regular Pre Marriage Courses. The study course is designed to shape up ideal families, help individuals deal with the problems of family struggle, break-ups and other family issues. Our Pre Marriage Courses not only benefit the newlywed or soon-to-be-married couples, it also helps in giving more strength and meaning to the institutions developed in the name of Guru Devan.


Established in the year 2014, our youth forum empowers children to select their own advisers and handle their own affairs. The youth are helped by advisers to make their own wishes, instead of elders imposing their wishes on them. Through our movement, the youth spend their time productively, organising their own programmes. These activities aid to make our youth and children responsible and productive throughout. Every youngers in our residencial area participate this youth movement squad for showing their extra carricular activities.


The brainchild of philanthropist Honorable General Secretary Shri Vellapally Natesan, Micro Finance programme is a new venture brought up by SNDP to improve the living conditions of backward communities. It lends money to the members at very low interest rates and paves the way to allow funds to be utilised in a more productive way. The programme not only nurtures the saving habit through Sangham work, it also helps in spreading the message of the Guru. The programme will also be imbibed by SNDP Yogam Cambridge, for the social welfare of its members.


Our new service in helping to find suitable Bride/Groom exclusively for THIYYA/EZHAVA Caste in UK and all over the world.